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Thursday, March 14, 2013


It is interesting to me that we first view the understanding of something being obscene as something sexual. And sexual obscenity is restricted, even movies have ratings to keep minors away from it. Yet the obscenity of wealth is not restricted, nor is it taboo. How wonderful it would be to have to type in one's age, or to have brown paper around a magazine that showed ostentatious wealth and greed. If when someone referred to such displays of wealth and excess we shook our heads and thought it as bad as  abusing someone sexually. For such acts of greed and exploitation and avoidance of paying taxes for the common good are in fact abusing more people than single acts of sexuality. Instead, people boast and brag about their ability to "game" the system to their advantage, to avoid paying people living wages. Obscenity is obscenity and sin is sin.

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