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Friday, April 19, 2013

Emotion is not Passion

Emotion is not passion. It is so easy to be touched by injustice, tragedy or a sense of duty but quickly transfer what might become passion into that which is emotion. To be upset, angry and feel one's emotions flaring is the great escape from the deeper possibility of action which passion would provide.

Emotion will divert our energy, will assuage our focus and ultimately move us from action to empty threats.

The passion of Jesus kept him quiet in the face of the injustice that was being thrust upon him, his passion kept him focused on the larger love and realities that were not swept away by the emotional moment. Peter, his follower, was caught up in the emotion of the night and ended up betraying Jesus and his own heart.

Passion can move a mountain with its silence. Emotion will blow away like the seeds of a dandelion and with those seeds begin habits of avoidance that become hard to remove.

Recently, the efforts of a few in our country who are profiting on the violence in our culture and spreading fear to protect their deceit have caused the government to follow their fear and not the desire of the vast majority to address our violence. Listening to the news and hearing what was done instills in me a sense of duty to speak up and to address this injustice and stand with those affected by deep tragedy. This shadow to passion, emotion, can quickly seduce my energy and need to respond and dissipate my action into  puddles of ineffectiveness.

Passion knows when to be still, knows when to bend, knows when to wait, and most importantly acts fully and with deep conviction and total commitment when the moment is at hand.

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