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Friday, April 12, 2013

Fogged In Treasure

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From time to time we are engulfed in fog here in Maine. Sometimes, it can be quite thick. When out on the water it can quickly disorient you and your position. Generally speaking a fog tends to slow us down and make one more cautious as we proceed along. Waking up to a foggy day is always an invitation to return to sleep. And looking out on a foggy day is always a lure to curl up with a book and a cup of tea.
One thing about fog is that it can burn off quite quickly. As the sun comes out and heats up, what was once gray and dreary can be suddenly a bright and cheery day. It is the bright light and heat that dispenses the fog. Just as quickly as the fog vanishes, so too, is our memory of its weight. But when we meet again with this mystical beauty of the morning mist or dense fog all memory of it in our library of consciousness returns.
The opportunity of a slower journey, a more cautious approach, and a time to be still and reflect is always a rare jewel. Such treasure reveals a deeper desire to understand oneself, the world about us and our relationship to the larger dimensions of our mortality and a life beyond what we can see. If we have no fog, but only clear skies, we are lured into a more active, goal oriented perspective. The fog and gray tends to derail objectives and big plans. Just as many jewels are found in caves and underground, so too are the jewels of the soul found in our various fogs. Rarely is a jewel of great value simply found lying on the ground on a sunny day, unless it is one recently lost and belonging to someone else.
Jesus said, “What I tell you in the dark, utter in the light; and what you hear whispered, proclaim upon the housetops.”   Matthew 10:27
In the intimate moments of reflection, when things are slower, and the fog is thicker, we can hear things more clearly. In the dark of the night radio waves travel much further because the sun’s rays are not interfering with them. And small sounds in the house can seem much louder. When it is hard to hear what God is saying, it might be because there is too much light, and too much activity. What we hear when quieter voices become audible might be the wisdom we need to learn. The fog off the water or the fog of our muddled thinking can be transformed quickly with the light, whether from the sun or from the epiphany of a new understanding. And when we find ourselves moving again in the brightness of the day, we need to speak out, act on and apply those things we have heard.  In the same way, a jewel needs to be set and displayed in fine jewelry where the light can reflect its beauty to others.

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