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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What if?

In the story of Christianity there is the story of the Virgin Mary being impregnated by God, and bearing the Son of God. This has always posed a number of questions for me. One of those questions is how many other people did God approach before Mary said yes? Did God first go to the people of means, the people who were established in the religious community? They would have more to lose if they were found with child and having to explain that it was God who fathered the child. Did it come down to this young girl, whose ignorance and naiveté made it possible for her to say yes. Do we find it harder to be open to God when we have more to lose?  When we seem to or think that we know how things should be or how they work. Is the naiveté and openness of an innocent mind and heart sometimes what is needed for us to be faithful and one with God? Those who so often struggled with Jesus were the religious leaders and people in authority. As a religious leader it would follow that my position and education might be in fact what keeps me from truly hearing God. What I have come to know as tradition, custom and knowledge passed down through study and learning might inspire me at times, but when God is shaking things up and doing a new work or renewing his people, I might be the one in the way.
When Ananias heard God tell him to go to Paul and heal him in Damascus, he went on and risked his life to do such. How often does God speak to us and our fears, desires for comfort and safety, and our own ego question and rationalize away the still small voice of God?

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