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Friday, April 19, 2013

Why is it so?

In a recent study it was reported that Maine is the least religious state in the United States of America. This study has caused me to reflect and process the implications of such knowledge. One of the questions that has arisen is, ‘Why has this happened?’ and ‘What caused this to happen?’
What led those people to Maine, who have been wounded by organized religion? What caused or was attractive to this place to gather people who have such an experience to feel at home in this climate? What caused those people to stay who were mostly of a feeling that religion is not important to them? 
Are there collective wounds that have made it a welcoming place for like-minded wounds?  And if so, what might the mission of the church be to such a people? What is the history, the common thread that makes this such a place? Is it the climate, the collective stories, the landscape, some particular people, or is it something that is deeply subconscious in nature?

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