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Sunday, September 15, 2013


There are times when I will be sitting in a meeting and listening to people go on about how it used to be, or how things worked in the past and this should be how we do things again and I will be frustrated knowing we cannot go back. But then I do the same thing in my life, holding on to old wounds and hurts, clinging to ideas that served me well previously.
I read a quote this morning which said that crisis comes when we are called to go further than our creeds that we have accepted.
Jesus is calls, I believe, to a new song. Do I have the time, and openness to learn it.
Sometimes there seems to be a waiting time that comes knowing that it will be different. In this waiting time it is easy to once again look back, when in fact it is the time to savor what we have had, but to let go to enter upon a new shore. From time to time we need to get rid of our worn out clothes and buy something new. At some time the item of clothing that I do not want to get rid of was new also.

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