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Friday, November 22, 2013

A metaphor for today

Churches and Temples are like harbors along the coast, they are a safe place to begin and rest from the journeys of the sea, only in their case the seas of consciousness and the soul.
When any religion, church or temple starts thinking that they are the right, only or best they have only to look at the ocean to realize that they only are an opening to a much larger world. Each harbor has its place, its time, its mission to those who sail the seas. Each needs the other.
Each ship needs a flag to fly, a harbor to call home and to which it pays its taxes in order to help maintain a place for all. Though with each ship, it can sail to anywhere else on the sea, share stories and information about the various harbors and currents. By having a home we can better identify and relate to each other. To simply say I belong to the sea is to say I do not belong to any place, nor wish to support anyplace, only use and benefit from all others.
And with each ship comes a history, baggage and others who have been brought along, connected and information to influence even more people.  Sometimes disease and problems arise from a ship as with a religious community bringing harmful and controlling ideology to manipulate and dominate others.
Ultimately we all need to make our journey across the sea, some journeys are longer than others, some more dangerous, but we need the vessels to carry us along, even if it is simply rowed by ourself.

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