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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sobbing as a form of Sabbath

In the midst of a conversation I was struck by the idea that sobbing is a form of Sabbath. When we are finally able to release the pent up emotion and sorrow in the form of tears we are able to enter a unique dimension of Sabbath rest.
Oftentimes, I will keep myself from being sick, there is too much to do, too many events where I am required to help make things happen, too many people who need my help.  Then when I have a time off I find myself able to be sick.  There are times when I cannot laugh or cough because it is in a public place and an event where it would disturb others. The more I try not to laugh or cough the more I need to do such.  Only by excusing myself and letting it all happen that I can return and enjoy the event. So, too, perhaps is a good sob.  Like a Sabbath time away from the events of our life, we are able to let it out, to let things be felt, to let our own soul be expressed for a bit.  And in so doing we are better able to return to our lives refreshed and able to be present and enjoy the sacred moment of today.

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