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Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Justice of God

Throughout history there has been a deep longing for justice. The cries to heaven have been urgent and impassioned. When harm, torture, cruelty, insensitivity, violence, etc., etc., is felt then there is a longing for a right action to occur. We want the government, a higher power or something to help.
Even a small act, such as being cut off in traffic, can set us into a tailspin of wanting to make people pay attention, payback, be apologetic, or for the wrong to be seen and addressed.

The justice we want from God might not be the justice God inflicts. The karma of the living God is not a human form of vengeance but rather a leading into a more full acceptance of ourselves. 
God's justice, God's vengeance, God's wrath are all one and in all cases it is a much deeper love being expressed.

Even when I do something wrong, there is a desire to pay for the pain, or to somehow avoid the entire situation. God will always lead us to face ourselves more fully, and to see the deeper forgiveness, mercy and love waiting for us.

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