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Monday, January 20, 2014

A litany of light

A Litany of Light

 Jesus, you were before all time, created all time, and are beyond all time,

Give us courage to take our time, to be still when needed and to act when called forth.

Jesus, you are the holy light, which enlightens all things, and nourishes us with your warmth.

Give us eyes to see, to see with appreciation those things that are most precious and most obvious, and to accept those things that are different and challenging as a potential for blessing.

Jesus, you are the proclamation of hope in an age of anxiety, times of stress, and circumstances that seem overwhelming.

Surprise us with a new and broader understanding, enlighten us with a compassion grown from listening to the heart of others, and inspire us to speak forth the truth you have given us to share.

Jesus, you noticed those who others overlooked, you touched those who others would not come near:

Open our eyes and hearts to see those we are overlooking, not hearing and taking for granted.

Jesus, in your suffering and betrayal, through your death and resurrection, we have been made whole and given the power to be healed and to heal.

We accept your anointing, the anointing that comes through our own sufferings, wounds and loss. Bless those who come to us seeking help and healing, and give them patience as we learn to embrace our callings.

Jesus, you are the way to the infinite, to the vastness of all life, all energies, all understandings, all that ever was, ever is and ever will be:

Give us the joy of wonder in everyone and everything we meet. Help us to hear your word in all that we encounter. Make us aware of our connections to all around us.

Jesus, who died and rose that death would no longer be the final ending.

Thank you for those near and dear, though dead, yet alive within our hearts and always present with you.

Jesus, unite us in the oneness of eternity that is known fully in your presence everywhere.

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