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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

science and creationist debate

There was a recent debate which was greatly publicized between a scientist, Bill Nye and a Christian who believes in a very particular understanding of creation. The assumption might easily be made that this creationist view of the Bible is “the Christian” view, it is not.  This particular view is one that some Christians hold and is greatly questioned by a wide range of Christians. Even the televangelist, Pat Robertson condemned this limited way of thinking.  It is easy to label groups of people by the actions of a few very vocal who self-proclaim their advocacy for the whole, yet only seek to promote a personal agenda.  Because of such vocal outbursts of a few we have seen a great rift between the scientific and faith communities.  This is greatly unfortunate and tragic. There are many who work and believe and struggle with both faith and an honest quest to understand our world in an honest and inquisitive manner.
I personally believe that one’s faith, in particularly Christianity, is best served when matched and questioned by scientific inquiry. What is actually before us, what are the assumptions we have taken for granted, and what can we learn are essential inquiries that should never be avoided.  We only benefit from honest inquiry and faith is only enriched by honest and open questioning. Simply believing what we think, holding onto it at all costs and despite legitimate questions is not an excuse for being faithful, but rather a recipe for extinction.  The Christian gospel is greater than any threat of questioning, in fact thrives and grows with more integrity with every new discovery.

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