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Monday, March 17, 2014

Some thoughts

It makes me feel justified to be right,
but it helps me to feel free and to be alive to be in love.

I thought of an app for the new phones.
One that would record everything people tell me and sort it for me into catagories:
brilliant things I need to remember
things I didn't hear but should have
things I thought I heard, but really didn't hear at all
stupid things that I should forget
details that need to be recorded, and I thought I wrote down
Idle conversations that can be forgotten
things that were important and totally missed
things that I should not have heard
things that amaze me

another app might record everything I say and catagorize it:
Things I really should not have said
things that actually made sense and surprised me
things that i thought were funny, but weren't
things I need to apologize for later
things that had no meaning at all
things that I should stop saying all together
things that no one heard me say
things that i should have said, but didn't

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