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Monday, April 28, 2014

Why do we listen to predictions

Recently the televangelist, Pat Robertson, made a prediction that the world would be struck by an asteroid last week.  I am writing this blog, so I suppose we missed it. The end of the world has been predicted time and time again and people listen and act on it. And then keep listening and following, though adapting.
It is not just religion, but business predictions that rarely come true, or stock experts that make predictions and they are way off base, but we forget and forgive and then listen again assuming that they are still wise because they are paid a lot of money.
Sports has the same problem. We are awaiting the NFL draft and I have seen innumerable predictions, and then we forget the predictions after the draft. We forget the beginning of the season predictions as soon as the season begins, though before that we are glued to these wise sages who so often are wrong.
Why is it?  Maybe because we are interested in the sports team or stocks or the actions of God, and there might not be any seeming action to follow thus we start making things up to talk about in order to think more about what we like to think about. Maybe we are just a very gullible creatures. Maybe I just don't have a clue.
But I, too, listen and do so with some cynicism - which I would guess is the norm for most people.
But it is interesting that we, or the media gives much credibility to it, or at least does not also mention the predictor's track record when doing such.

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