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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

a brief litany for the Fall

With our words, and with the sounds too deep for words themselves we offer our prayers
For those we love, for those we fear, for those in need and those blinded by a lack of need.

We pray for our country, for all nations, and for the upcoming election
Give us strength to participate in the common good as best we can with an open heart and mind.

In light of changing climate, limited resources and growing expectations;
Keep us, O Lord, from the frozen place of inaction and indifference.

In a world with ebola, aids, cholera, and slavery, with a media intent on fueling our fears:
Anchor our lives in the harbor of your love, 
where we can be still and know your presence as we continue to live in hope.

For Your Church, and for all people of faith

Renew us, restore us, and remind us that we are one in you, always.

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