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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

a couple of poems I wrote while away

A rubbish of regrets
     are piled high
                as I look back now
                on being a father
                in the shadow
                   of a Father God,
perfect in love,
exposing what I have missed
in my shot at love
and left a mess around the targets of my desire

A sludge of stress
streatched thinner than a thread
constantly pulling
tight, knotted around
my heart and mind
In the presence of the Divine
who always lets go
exposes the sticky dew of the threads of my web.

A mire of madness
swells beneath my dreams
and sucks my shoes from my feet
as I try to move.
So I stop.
And I see a frog,
hear a duck
and feel the worms
and finally become incarnate
with the mud my Mary
   apart from God now
so that I might know the love of God now.

What has God ordained?

Hoist high the failures
And broadcast my misfortune,
These are the seeds of my legacy
 This is the source of my Nile
        nourishing any semblance of meaning.

Set the course to where I have vowed not to go
and do not look back;
set as a sail  my dirty laundry
For here begins my epic tale,
This is my journey to Ithaca

What has God ordained?
Not my wisdom gilded expertise,
But the caves in my depression,
and the sores that might have healed,
      still oozing with tears of regret;
Here is where the holy hands are extended.

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