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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

preparing to reflect upon a life

My mother's funeral is coming up and my brother and I are scheduled to say a few words. In preparation for this I have found myself greatly moved. The mere act of summing up or putting together words that will somehow reflect the light of someone's life is daunting to say the least, let alone someone who has defined and made possible my own life.
I find that words do not even come close to being able to convey the thoughts, feelings, understandings and expressions I feel and the depth of her love. Simply waking this morning on a cold snowy day with the one I love, covered and kept warm by the quilt she so lovingly made is an amazing legacy of love she has left me. The sweaters and the worry that she has covered me with and the avalanche of memories that seem to bury me again and again these days is hard to shovel into any form of meaning, let alone allow me to dig a path out in order to look at her life from any perspective.
The power of love is beyond my comprehension. The breadth of love and connection is something I can touch and hold onto with items valued only by me because of the effects upon my life. The nuances of love create shadows and traces that give my life depth. Anything I imagine I could say always leaves more to be said, I suppose that is what we do as we carry on with the love that has been given us.

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