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Monday, April 4, 2016

Photo therapy

I have been looking at various artists photography recently to learn from what they take, how they set things up, and the light and backgrounds that are in their works.  But what I have noticed is that after looking at a number of artists work, I somehow can sense what state of mind or spirit they might be in while working or over a long time.   Some artist seem to find many shadows and darker images, some mostly very thin models, some sweeping landscapes, and some very intimate and private small events.  When one displays one's work one is not only displaying the subject of the image, nor just the techniqual skill but also a reflection of the artist and the state of mind or soul within.   It would be interesting to see what a dozen different people given the same camera and skilled at the craft, and given a few days, what they all would bring back.  Then looking at it primarily as a way to share oneself, not just the images.   

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