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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Making the changes to keep on going

It is interesting to me that there is great excitement and anticipation when I am getting a new phone or tablet, or computer of some sort.  I look forward to it and expect great things from it, but when it comes I soon realize that it is still just a phone, or a computer or whatever and what am I going to do with it is still the question.  The machine is exciting, it offers me great opportunities, yet I need to take the opportunity, and not just hope that the machine will somehow make everything different.

This last year has been a time of change, the radio show I have been doing for the last five years has faded out, the blog seemed to lose its steam, and I seemed to be simply stumbling into my sabbatical.

It is important to have a time to reevaluate, to reflect, to renew and think.  Like a coaching staff at halftime in a football game, it is good to reevaluate what is working and what is not and find ways to adapt.

I am in one of those times.

It is nice to be back in a place where I can think again.  I have many people to thank.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Grape jelly

I had some toast today and found a jar of grape conserves in the refrigerator. They came from the church fair, made by a wonderful friend.  I really didn't think much of it while I added it to the top of the toast.  My experience of grape jelly is from many years and millions of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with grape jelly.   The general taste of grape jelly in my experience is basically a lubricant for peanut butter, a minimally flavored sweetener that adds moisture.  So when I took a bite of the homemade grape conservative I was taken aback.  It tasted like grapes, actually several different and individual kinds that were intermingled with intricacies and flavor.  A million sandwiches were now being reconsidered.  
The convenience and cost saving of mass produced products have filled my life, saved time and money; but cost me the understandings and joy of flavor, and connection to people who make things. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Living Local

Living Local
There is much to be gained by knowing one’s farmer, knowing where one’s food comes from. It is very rewarding to grow one’s own food in one’s own garden and understand the cycle of growth and food. Supporting local farmers, eating in food in season, learning to cook food from scratch and understanding the range of ingredients and the importance of nutrition is vital for our physical health. 
Supporting local businesses keeps more jobs in the community, as well as more money. It is always much more beneficial to support  the local mom and pop shop, or local store than the big box store which sends most of its profits out of state.
But living local is larger than where we shop.  Living local means also going to local concerts, shows and events and not just watching the downlink, or television special. Supporting local musicians not only ensures that we have access to local music, but it is much more direct and engaging for us to know and see the people playing the music, and even better to join the song, and get out and dance ourselves. 
Living local also means supporting the local community, being a part of the church, participating in town meetings, being a part of the local P.T.A. or school board, voting in the local elections.
Living local means getting to know the people who live in the neighboring houses and apartments. It means getting to know the local youth, and the elderly who might need some assistance.
Living locally ultimately means living one’s life where one lives, not in the virtual world, or vicariously through the media, or through national and international issues, but in the world outside one’s window.
Living locally leads us even to ourselves, our own bodies and minds – to go for a walk and get exercise and to take the initiative to keep learning.

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