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Thursday, March 15, 2018

What we worship

We are in the midst of a major religious transformation.

The demise of traditional religions, their work to be renewed, and the rise of false idols and religions has been phenomenal.  The worship of weapons, guns and power are evident in the NRA.  It is a belief system that cannot be questioned.  And the traditional religious people who have surrendered their cross for the gun is tragic.  They will not say it, but one cannot serve two masters and the NRA demands full attention. The worship of art is another great heresy of the wealthy.  In times past, they would build the cathedrals, now they buy a momentary fad that they cannot hang on a wall and will be forgotten in a generation. Salvation and forgiveness has been substituted by the grossness in meaning and celebrity status of the safe investment.

Donald Trump was our president before he was our president. We idolize wealth, audacity, and being manipulated. We long to belong, and the reaction of racism was inevitable in the journey to face it, or to avoid facing ourselves by blaming and shaming others first with our faults. His inevitable fall will be the fall of us all, the fall of American exceptionalism, American superiority, and white, male privilege.

Everyday, there remains an ordinary status that makes coffee, unlocks doors, greets people, and goes about facing the details of the common day. Yet, somewhere in the minutes of the hour, we wait for the fall, the discovery, the birth, the death, that will change everything. There is no turning back from where we are today, only the avoidance and the unraveling of the present experience will give us a gasp of delay.

We are in the midst of a divine moment. The miracles, the eureka of aha, the way it will be is meeting us, are we gracious enough and courageous enough to accept and embrace it?  Or is our well being, our identity, our security too well indentured to the way we have been.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

finding our calling

It is not what we want, nor what we long for, nor are drawn to by cultural persuasion that is our call or purpose, but rather the challenges and connections we might not have imagined nor initiated but present themselves nonetheless that will be our true path.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Keep me from becoming a saint

For someone to become a saint there is a requirement, oftentimes, that they perform a miracle. 

God, keep me from becoming a saint,
I do not want to perform some miracle, 
something superhuman, or unexplainable.
If I am to do anything, 
let it be to be fully human.
Do not forsake me my pain, my loss or even my joy.
If there is to be some healing act I perform, 
let it be clearly understood, and a pathway for all to follow.
Let me not waver from this mortal path, 
until that time when I shall die, 
and then, too, let me die with the dignity life, 
let me fully embrace the mysteries only known at such an hour.
God, keep me from becoming a saint, 
I only want to fully discover your word, your love,
And in such a discovery discover what it is I am.

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