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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

the eyes have it

The healing of the deaf, the opening the eyes of the blind are what Jesus did and does. Though, there is always the question of whether we really want to see or hear. If I suddenly can hear, it means that what I have come to know and understand without hearing others, now has to include actually listening. If suddenly I see, that means that the world which I have come to know without light will forever be lost.                     There are many opinions, understandings and perceptions that I hold onto, that have given my life meaning and have defined who I am in relation to others. Changing how and what I hear and see means that this all will change. Those who already can see or hear cannot imagine why I might be hesitant to embrace such a change. But if it is all I have ever known, then there is a great fear I have of letting go. And, with a fear of change, I have also found, that there is a great longing for change. I listen to my prayers and hear pleas for healing, miraculous cures, help in crisis, financial support, and somehow someone to make the unease and problems of life to go away. So many of these are offered to alleviate or avoid pain, suffering and conflict. The opening of my blind eyes, though, causes me not to avoid the pain and hardships, but rather finally allows me to see them. And in honestly and clearly seeing them, I can finally face them and see them not in the haze of my fear but rather in the light of God’s love and presence. When Jesus opens my ears to hear, it is not so that everything can be back to an ideal state, but that I will be able to hear the voice, cries, longings of others and with such, be birthed into a life of compassion and empathy, rather than denial and avoidance. The healing that Jesus is still spreading through this life is one that keeps sending us back into relationship with our communities we sometimes want to avoid because of the old wounds and memories. Show yourself to the priests, to the community. In sharing our wounds and how we have been healed and touched by Jesus is the gift of the gospel writer. Rarely was a healing story identical to another. There are new ways and circumstances that Jesus exhibits in his healing touch. Like water finding its course, so too, does the grace of God find a way around our hardness and walls of fear. But the earth shall be filled with the glory of God, as the waters cover the sea.
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