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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Time Away

In looking back over the last few months I linger upon the wonderful memories of a few days away. It is important to get away, and sometimes even a few days away in close proximity to the familiar but in a different sphere is important.
Emily and I were able to make a grand pilgrimage with Jacob Gerritsen aboard Ex Libris out to Monhegan Island. The weather was perfect, great winds took us right to Port Clyde, after a night in the harbor we made the journey  to Monhegan and hike around the island. We moored in the harbor which was a bit vulnerable and very wavy. Then for one amazing and brilliant run from Monhegan to Camden as a storm chased us in, making it in less than five hours as we were sailing into the wind with a great current behind us.
The trip was not long, but amazing.  Oftentimes, I have discovered, that phenomenal moments are very fleeting. When we try to hold onto them and prolong it, somehow it slips away. But when the moment is there and it is magic, then ride it, and we did. The wind and sailing were great as well, but the moments with friends and people you love dearly along with the sense of being clearly alive is more precious.

Getting Caught Up

I return again. It seems like forever since I posted on my blog.

There are times when we just get stuck. I have had much to say, but the weight of doing what I need to do becomes to much for me and overshadows the possibility of me actually doing it.

I feel like I am coming out of the shadow again. Thanks be to God.

The ongoing stress continues in life, but we are greatly blessed and wonderfully loved, and the mercy of God is new again this morning.

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